Solar Photo Voltaic (Solar PV) and Energy Storage

GN Group Ltd

GN Group Ltd has a network of experts and professionals which represent an all-encompassing service delivery including strategy development, asset management data capture and analysis, specification development, design, project funding, management of statutory body, and procurement.  Services can be provided on an individual basis or as a strategic package.  All service provision is designed for corporate clients who are looking to attain the strategic information to make informed decisions and to help these clients successfully deliver their projects.

We’ve recently been the lead facilitator behind one of the UK’s largest built asset procurement exercises for solar PV.  Pulling together our network to develop a procurement and project delivery team.  It’s our expertise in bringing together the required experts to collectively deliver for clients is where we excel and add real value.

Our services include:-

  • Strategic feasibility survey, including the energy generation from built assets (housing stock, offices, public buildings, community properties, commercial properties) as well as land holdings e.g. undevelopable land/infill, brownfield etc.
  • Detailed system design
  • DNO liaison and certification
  • Funding Assessment and Options
  • Local Authority Planning Applications
  • DC side design
  • Safety and Optimisation Options
  • Battery/Energy Store Assessments and Designs
  • Assistance with ROI assessments
  • Project Management

Our Assessment and Analytics can produce:-

  • Systems Outputs and Metrics
  • Environmental Impact
  • System Performance
  • Regional Zone Data Assessments
  • Collector Efficiency Calculations including degradation.
  • Total Savings
  • Installed Capacity
  • Orientation and Inclination Data
  • Array Design
  • Annual Yield
  • CO2 Emission Avoidance Data
  • Financial Analysis

GN Group LTD

Services We Offer

Decarbonisation Delivery Plans

Allowing you to integrate innovation, funding models, evolution of services, integration with wider corporate and net zero targets.


Having built and successfully mobilised large scale procurement and delivery strategies, GN Group bring a clear and defined value to our clients.

Local Authority ECO Flex

We can assist Local Authorities in ECO Flex strategy and delivery, including developing appropriate and impactful Statements of Intent.

Solar PV & Energy Storage

We’ve recently been the lead facilitator behind one of the UK’s largest built asset procurement exercises for solar PV.

Retrofit Assessments and Coordination

We’re able to provide Retrofit Assessments and Retrofit Coordination for single properties and for projects at scale e.g. for social housing providers.

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