Decarbonisation Delivery Plans (including ORP)

We can assist with:

  • Directly Employed Staff Resources - Building PAS/TrustMark/Decarbonisation related delivery structures, asset management teams and work delivery teams
  • Supply Chain Development - Building PAS/TrustMark/Decarbonisation related delivery structures and work delivery teams
  • Work Delivery Optimisation - Assimilating your business operations and objectives and integrating decarbonisation strategies and delivery models.
  • Skills & Objectives Alignment - Skills and Project Delivery Synergy Assessments
  • Risk - Risk Mitigation Analysis
  • Knowledge Progression - Directly employed and sub-contracted Training, Qualifications, Certification via our partners, NetRet Group Ltd.
  • Skills gap assistance – helping bed-in and bridge the gap between obtaining formal qualifications and the actual live application of decarbonisation processes in the workplace.

Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) Delivery Plans

Many of the services outlined above will help you establish and bed-in a delivery structure and methodology that will ultimately deliver decarbonisation and fulfil the requirements of your ORP funding. Having worked with leading housing providers, Welsh Government, TrustMark and the wider decarbonisation supply chains and delivery networks throughout Wales and the West, GN Group are in a unique position to assist with strategy/planning development and mobilisation.

In addition to those listed, we can also provide services connected with all key deliverables stated under ORP:-

Our ORP Key Services
• Procurement
• Finance Models
• Material Selection
• Foundational Economy Development
• Skills Development

GN Group LTD

Services We Offer

Decarbonisation Delivery Plans

Allowing you to integrate innovation, funding models, evolution of services, integration with wider corporate and net zero targets.


Having built and successfully mobilised large scale procurement and delivery strategies, GN Group bring a clear and defined value to our clients.

Local Authority ECO Flex

We can assist Local Authorities in ECO Flex strategy and delivery, including developing appropriate and impactful Statements of Intent.

Solar PV & Energy Storage

We’ve recently been the lead facilitator behind one of the UK’s largest built asset procurement exercises for solar PV.

Retrofit Assessments and Coordination

We’re able to provide Retrofit Assessments and Retrofit Coordination for single properties and for projects at scale e.g. for social housing providers.

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